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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to install any application to avail the services ?

You can either use our web-application for availing there services or can connect with us via a dedicated care number which will be provided to you upon purchase of the subscriptions.  We have made it completely seamless for the customers. Any subscriber can connect via telephonic call or via Whatsapp on the dedicated number provided to him/her while registration. 


Do I need to pay every time I use the service ? 

No, if you have purchased the subscription then based on the mentioned benefits you don’t need to pay again and again for medical consultations. For the part of allied services such as Pathology tests, dialysis at home, physiotherapy at home etc. you need to make payment only after the confirmation but at a huge discounted cost.


Are all the pre-existing diseases covered ?

We aren’t any coverage provider, rather we facilitate medical care hence everyone with any kind of Pre-existing diseases are fully covered to avail our services. However, certain patients with certain conditions might need special care such as patients with Cancer, renal failure etc. 

Are my consultations Private and secured ?

We follow maximum standards of integrity. All the communications between the Patient and the Medical team are secured and no external party gets access to information unless specified by the patient in writing.