In recent times, it has become apparent that increasing health system cannot be resolved only by adding resources, but must also be addressed with far-reaching methods of service delivery. Therefore, through Impact Health we endeavor to provide prompt medical attention along with the right medical equipment at your convenience. Impact Health believes in addressing the impoverished areas of India by embracing new and facile ways of healthcare, by hosting value-added healthcare services and motivating the underprivileged population to live an assured life. This is accomplished by providing primary health care services, where we make a run at catering creation of health record, health counseling, as well as regular follow-ups, to lessen the rate at which lives are jeopardized because of unawareness and negligence. With Impact Health we strive to ensure that the right medical resources are provided to the right people, within the right time-frame for their medical needs, thereby prioritizing health before anything else.

Our Services

We offer one stop solutions for Pharmaceuticals to undertake and execute Patient Support Programs. 

We have 24×7 doctors over 6 specialties available for medical consultations via tele-consultations. 

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We cater to individual’s need for nursing and allied services at an affordable price with focus on quality. 

For the post surgical rehabilitation we offer customized services of Physiotherapy at home. 

What You Get