We offer one stop solution for Pharmaceuticals to undertake and execute their Patient Support Program.

What is a Patient Support Program ?

A Patient Support Program is a privately operated set of services designed and customized to support a patient through a variety of therapy related needs. 

Why do Pharmaceuticals need Patient Support Programs ?

Pharmaceuticals in the space of specialty drugs such as for chronic diseases, serious diseases and rare diseases face a challenge especially in distribution as these products require special handling and administration to patients. Some may require delivery by infusion, requiring patient to travel to clinic and in other cases, patients may need to self inject the product. Before the patient starts the treatment, he is required to undergo multiple diagnostic tests and physician consultations. For all these, patient require help. Thus Pharmaceuticals need to support their patients. 

Our Patient Support Program Delivery Model

Disease Identification and Mapping

Awareness campaigns and Diagnosis with Point of Care (POCT) diagnostic devices.

Disease Management

Medical consultations and treatment planning, drug administration, follow-ups and monitoring, check on outcomes and compliances.


Outcome analysis, Process assessment and improvement, Disease burden calculation and Data management.

Treatment Initiation and Assistance

Patient On-boarding, Preparation of health records and access to financial assistance.

Drug Distribution

Direct manufacturer to patient delivery model, administration of injections and training on self injection and medication.

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